Edwin Kourany founded Entreprises Kourany in 1958

About Entreprises Kourany

Edwin Kourany founded Entreprises Kourany in Lebanon in 1958 and has built his reputation on honesty, integrity, and 100% customer satisfaction.
Entreprises Kourany is specialized in marble & natural stone surface treatment, maintenance and restoration of residential / commercial properties.
Entreprises Kourany offer all kinds of clientele a full range of cleaning services including:
  1. Daily cleaning, periodic cleaning, seasonal cleaning, basic cleaning, after built cleaning;
  2. Upholstery and carpet shampooing & protection;
  3. Insect & rodent eradication.
Entreprises Kourany is renowned for having:
  1. Cutting edge expertise;
  2. Highest quality workmanship;
  3. Skilled operators;
  4. Best quality products;
Entreprises Kourany's reputation is the result of its commitment to the following:
  1. We love what we do;
  2. We work with our hearts;
  3. We have acquired a thorough knowledge & rich experience;
  4. We give our customers the best advice;
  5. We know how to determine the most adequate treatment & most adapted method;
  6. We use artisanal methods along with new technologies.
Entreprises Kourany wishes to offer all their customers in search of excellence the benefits of their rich experience & valuable know-how.
Our commitment to excellence is the primary reason for our success in the marketplace:


We ensure highest quality workmanship through implementing the following:
  1. Regular and up to date training to our operators assisting them into acquiring professional skills, and becoming perfectly capable of combining traditional methods with modern technologies;        
  2. Most of our employees have been with us for more than 20 years all striving to maintain a long term heritage of expert craftsmanship;
  3. We take great pride in our operators and their extensive know-how and experience;
  4. We are committed to deliver good quality services to all our clients adapted to their specific needs and requirements.
  5. We have earned a reputation as Floor treatment Specialists in the Cleaning field among Marble and Natural Stone Suppliers , Architectural & Engineering Firms, Interior Designers who refer our services exclusively to their Clients;                    
We constantly invest in modern technology:
  1. Our top quality products, machines & equipment enabled us to ensure high end services, which earned us the reputation of an industry leader;
  2. Our extensive experience is constantly enriched by partnership with different International companies that master the expertise in natural stone treatment;
  3. Damages caused by specialized others in the industry inadvertently or by lack of expertise, compel us to find difficult solutions to restore badly treated surfaces. These sought after solutions require the implementation of costly methods which could be avoided by the client! 
A poor and even mediocre work is done today in the stone business (whether in transportation, tiling, supervision, etc....) This has forced us to adapt and find solutions by asking questions to competent people in the field in "Italy, France, Spain & Germany". These consultations have helped us reduce the bad performances done on stone on one hand and on the other hand have enriched greatly our experience. 

Our Vocation, is to embellish your marble and natural stone floors and walls with the know-how of our skilled craftsmen, using good quality products & providing reliable services.

Marble, like precious stone, is an expensive material and should be handled by highly skilled professionals. Entreprises Kourany are veterans for protecting The client’s investment.

Marble should reveal its natural beauty constituent. Our acquired knowledge throughout 58 years of experience can alone bring out its value. Our know-how and great accomplishments in handling different kinds of marbles, granite and other kinds of natural stones, have been the prime force behind our renowned Reputation.

Our aim is to restore & enhance the original color of the marble by protecting & treating it to make its beauty long lasting and more durable. This process unravels the hidden beauty of the stone by sanding, smoothing it, pouncing and  putting a finish to it, smoothening it delicately, to render it finer and more homogeneous and attractive.

  We grow through our experience. We welcome challenge with every different kind of marble or natural Stone. We make every endeavor to be to our competitors a real example of excellence in professional know how and customer’s service to earn “clients-for-life”. 

We visit the site:
1.To establish an initial contact with the client and/or his representative;
2.To familiarize with the premises:
3.To identify the Client’s requirements;
We inspect thoroughly the premises to identify the current status of the project and to define our scope of work and services: The following list indicates some of the works that should be undertaken subject to the Client’s acceptance:
  1. Boundaries treatment and polishing;
  2. Tile filling in specific places where required;
  3. Tile joints are properly filled and free from any gaps;
  4. Tiles are leveled correctly;
  5. Tiles are honeycombed with surface perforation and require refilling;
  6. Tiles thickness is appropriate to their surface dimensions;
  7. Tiles are damaged or show anomalies;
  8. Tiles edges are chipped;
  9. Tiles are cracked;
Prepare area calculations in square and linear meters for the areas where the works will take place.
Establish a detailed technical and financial proposal taking into consideration the following:
  1. Detailed scope of works required for the Project;
  2. Nature of marble or stone to be treated;
  3. Define Enterprises Kourany scope of services;
  4. Extent of the Restoration works if required;
  5. Cost of the works to be undertaken;
  6. Value Added Tax (VAT);
  7. Number of days required to perform the works;
  8. Mode of payment;
  9. Availability of water and electricity
  10. Absence of any labor like carpenters or other building trade teams;
 It is advisable to acknowledge that the tiler has completed his work as he should by :
Having tile joints of the same thickness ;
Done with the adequate material and appropriate color ;
Having tiles well stamped without voids underneath especially around the 4 sides to avoid tiles from breaking.
General Conditions:
  1. During the first phase of works the site should be free of all kinds of labor force ;
  2. Floors should be covered after the first phase of works is completed;
  3. After all labors have completed their respective jobs, we will resume the last phase of our work until it is all done and then we hand over the site ;
  4. Water and electricity should be provided in continuity all through the duration of the works. 
Identifying any potential variation works that may become required during the implementation of the project and bringing such works to the attention of the Client. 
Entreprises Kourany are fully committed to deliver excellent professional services to the client’s entire satisfaction in stone and marble restoration, cleaning, refinishing, treatment and protection of floors and walls.
We provide technical advice to our clients for selecting the most appropriate marble and/or natural stone finishing for their homes as well as methods and techniques for the material installation and treatment. Our recommendations usually concern the following:
The installation of different kinds of material whether interior or exterior;
Kind of finish to be adopted for treating the material whether for outdoors and indoors;
Exterior surface treatment for the material to be resistant to ultra violet rays, humidity and acid rains;
Type of protection that is adequate for the application on different kinds of marble and natural Stones;
 We are experts in handling the following material:
 1-   Mosaics
 2-   Travertino
 3-   Marbles
  • Bardilio
  • Serpiggiente 
  • Calacatta 
  • Carrare
  • Botticcino
 4-   Basalt    
 5-   Granite
 6-   Ceramic
Sedimentation stones like the following:
  1. St Vincent
  2. Tala marron
  3. Tala beige
Various materials like marbles, natural stones and ceramic Tiles each need a specific type of care and maintenance depending on where they are applied:
  • Floors;
  • Walls;
  • Columns;
  • Counter-tops;
  • Kitchen islands;
  • Tables;
  • Windows sills;
We also provide restoration and repair works on chipped, etched and cracked marble and natural stone tiles. 
We can also eliminate uneven surfaces and visible seams then proceed to hone the tile, polish or high polish the surface of the material.
We can perform a variety of finishes to suit every kind of marble, natural stone or tile in order to bring out the beauty and the original color of the material namely:
  • Burnishing honed (glacage);
  • Polishing (Brillantage);
  • Matte luster;
  • Antique treatment of marble or sedimentation stone;
  • Mirror Glassed effect (poli-mirroir);
  • Perfect plain and even surface tiles;
  • Satin finish.
The use of steel wool creates irremovable rusty spots that permanently damage the treated surface.
We treat boundaries with special machines using water (meule) to obtain exactly the similar finish produced by bigger machines by following exactly the same procedures.
We keep abreast of the latest avant-garde technologies and developments.