Amazing Cleaning Services are here to meet your expectations


Floor Treatment & Restoration Specialist

Floor Treatment Embellishment & Restoration of different kinds of marbles and natural stones such as Basalt, Granite, Travertino & more, using advanced technologies, modern tools & machineries along with experienced craftsmanship.

After Built Cleaning

After Construction Cleaning and sanitization is done using cutting edge technologies, products, equipments & machines with skillful operators.

Sofa & Carpet Cleaning

Upholstered furniture & carpet cleaning through extraction shampooing using sophisticated machines, done on the premises.

Façade Renovation

Façade renovation is done through the removal of dirt and mold caused by atmospheric pollution and motors soot using special products. We apply as well products to protect these façades from acid rain, filth and ultra violet rays.

Refurbishing & Revamping of Main Entrances

Refurbishing & revamping of main entrances, halls, lobbies, elevator opening jams & frame, corner joints of squirting & more... of hotels, high rise towers, luxury buildings, governmental establishments, banks, embassies, museums, churches, mosques & more...

Pest Control

Eradication of mice, rats & especially all kinds of cockroaches, one intervention suffices for the whole year! We do punctual reminders if need be!